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For Seafarers

Mercator Maritime Co. (MMC) provides job opportunities to marine seafarers of all ranks (to satisfy their…) which satisfies their ambitions financially and morally at multiple Arabian and International companies and on several types of ships. Mercator also ensures that seafarers are granted their full legal rights as laborers.

 MMC’s interest in theHuman Resources Department and in organizing its work functions aims at identifying responsibilities amongst the employer and the employees. MMC also guarantees the protection of the seafarers from any sort of negligence orlaxity they might face.

Our company policy is strict toward completing and following seafarer’spersonal portfolios concerning the authenticity and legality of their certificates to ensure they have stable careers and steady contracts.

MMC provides its seafarer clients with regular training courses which cover a variety of fields in order to constantly improve their efficiency, enhance their operational standards, and keep them up to date with the most recent international marine laws.

If you are interested in our services please submit your personal information to our website. Our recruiting team will study your files and contact you (if you fit the necessary qualifications.) for fixing in our database (Click Here).

We at Mercator Maritime Co. hope that this will be the first step of building confidence and cooperation toward a better marine life (career in seafaring) and a future full of success.


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