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 Mercator Maritime Co. (MMC) is a young and striving corporation located in the Lebanese capital Beirut.  MMC provides marine crew recruitment and management services along with all crew-related functions, ship supply, logistics solutions and general facilities inside ports.

Mercator Maritime Co. was established as a result of the continuous demand on expert and efficient marine staff that would satisfy the requirements of Ship-owners in the crew manning field. MMC chose to focus in particular on the recruiting field in the marine business in an attempt to fix the imperfections this business suffers from. MMC seeks to revitalize the maritime industry by proving its capabilities and competing with marine companies in neighboring countries.

Mercator Maritime Co. provides Ship-owners with skilled and experienced crew manning with world-class standards and from different countries. At the recruiting phase, MMC  uses a verification method which makes certain that seafarers possess the training, skills, and qualifications as stated in their certificates and licenses, meeting the STCW'78 / 95  convention, as well as the ISM code.

Mercator Maritime co. will supply its clients with well-experienced and highly qualified marine specialists from Master, Engineers, officers and all rates whom are personally selected, duly tested, and prospective applicants carefully screened to verifytheir experience, competency, fitness and comprehension of English prior to enlistment.

Mercator Maritime Co. also assists qualified marine seafarers to realize their potential and capabilities to find stable and permanent jobs at sea.

Practical experience has sofar proven that about 80% of marine accidents are originated from Human errors; that’s why Mercator Maritime Co. considers marine human resources to be apriority concern in the maritime industry and focuses on enhancing the HR branch to ensure high success rates on the vessels.

Willing to have long-lastingand reliable relation with our Principals, as well as a good reputation in theMarine Manning Market.




The Name  Mercator inspired by the cylindrical map projection presented by the Flemish geographer and cartographer GerardusMercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for nautical purposes because of its ability to represent lines of constant course.

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